Why Use VeloStrap?

                 Today it is estimated that over 80% of bicyclists worldwide carry a smartphone of some type with them while riding. The thought of having your phone directly available and not packed away in a jacket, pocket, or backpack has at some point crossed every rider's mind. The problem is the devices to do this, up to this point, always lacked in their designs and features. Fortunately, times have changed with VeloStrap.  At VeloStrap, we acknowledged all of these reasons and made the most uniquely simple device to do this. Here are some of the reasons VeloStrap just simply works better than the rest:

-no screwdrivers, wrenches, or tools ever needed to install

-VeloStrap fits any handlebar configuration from road bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, comfort bikes, fixies, recumbents, and the like. It will also work on baby joggers, shopping carts, and we have even seen a user attach his phone to his motorcycle with a fairing! 

-tested from frigid -20 degrees to the Mojave Desert's 120 degrees Fahrenheit

-no need to replace if you get a different cell phone as VeloStrap works with all smartphones on the market

-easily mounts device in multiple positions from the center of the stem to either side of the handlebar

-super fast installation, just stretch it around the device and around your stem or handlebar and it's ready to go!

-super fast release by doing the opposite of above which means...

-...you can use your device to answer a call or to take a photo while STILL RIDING!!!

-full access to all of your music, apps, and controls for finger touch comfort

-flexible design does not snap or break in case of minor crashes and in fact helps absorb some of the impacts to help your device survive

-phone will not detach and fly off of bike like some hard mounts from road jarring

-absorbs trail and road impacts by allowing slight movement 

-works with gloves!

-very inexpensive

-lasts a very long time

-simple design makes it easy enough for anyone to use

-using two VeloStraps allow "wallet" on back of phone for quick rides 

These are many of the reasons why we believe VeloStrap is a better choice than the rest. As true cyclists and riders, you can trust this design as it has had many miles of testing in most every situation imaginable. You will not be disappointed!