VeloStrap Testimonials

VeloStrap – The Simple Smartphone Bike Mount

Never miss the right turn, the latest tweet, or a phone call with VeloStrap, the simple smartphone bike mount. This clever rubber device easily attaches and stabilizes your phone to your bike’s handlebars or stem in just seconds. Fitting virtually any phone, mp3 player, and case, VeloStrap can hold your device in portrait or landscape mode. Made of a durable yet stretchy rubber, VeloStrap is shaped like an infinity symbol. You simply pull one loop around your phone, like a rubber band, and, while holding the phone against the handlebar, pull the other loop over your phone. The end result is a fully secured and stabilized phone without covering speakers, important parts of the screen, or the microphone. VeloStrap will keep your phone available yet safe during your journey.



VeloStrap, simple ingenuity at work to hold your smartphone on your bike

Following GPS directions on your phone while riding your bicycle is no easy feat, so the VeloStrap Smartphone Bike Mount is here to securely strap your device onto your handlebars for easy, quick navigation. When not used for navigation, the VeloStrap Smartphone Bike Mount allows you to keep tabs on notifications while riding to ensure you don't miss and important call while en route to your next destination.

Simplistically designed and affordably priced, the VeloStrap Smartphone Bike Mount works like an elastic band; simply wrap it around your handlebars and onto the top and bottom of your smartphone. From there, the device, regardless of make or model, will be held securely in place without the fear that it will dislodge while in motion.


Paul, the VeloStrap is great with my iPhone 6. Used on my road bike first, now I have taken on some rough single-track on the mtn bike and it worked great. I do like the like the option of how the phone can be placed.



Finally got a chance to try out my VeloStrap and it worked extremely well! I tried it on both the stem and the handlebars and liked both configurations. I really appreciate the fact that the VeloStrap can fit under my cables near where they go under the handlebar tape, which provides a lot more flexibility in phone placement than my other phone mount. One of my favorite configurations was mounting the phone under the stem with the screen facing the ground; this pointed my phone's rear speaker right at my head, which made the voice directions (from the Ride With GPS app) much easier to hear than when I keep the phone in my rear jersey pocket.

-Michael Boyer


Hi Paul, had the VeloStrap on my road bike yesterday 30 mile NYD ride, never budged an inch, great bit of kit, even took a call with out stopping and having to dig it out of my it!

-Steve Nicholson


Let’s not forget our sporty friends! The VeloStrap is a simple rubber device and a stable way of attaching your phone to your bike. It’s shaped like an infinity symbol and secures the phone without obstructing the mic or speakers. Never miss a call or update while getting your daily bike ride fix.

-PC News (about the capability of VeloStrap with the iPhone 6/6plus)