Short Videos of VeloStrap

 20 seconds is all we need to mount VeloStrap in both portrait or landscape positions!


Buying two VeloStraps allow you to attach a debit card, driver's license, cash, etc. to your bike like this!


This is how easily VeloStrap works while riding EVEN WITH GLOVES ON! Don't try this with other mounting systems!


 2 minute video of VeloStrap in action on a bicycle without front or rear suspension. 

.19 you can see the smartphone moving slightly, as designed, but still secure even on this rough Carbon Canyon trail!

.47 another part about the incredible capability of VeloStrap while shooting photos-VeloStrap is right at your fingertips!

1.24 high speed video on a rough fire road, look at my watch moving on my left hand while VeloStrap keeps your smartphone secure!


 Speedometer shots!


Riding the streets of LA, this video has no music or sound effect, just the sound of the tires rolling over the streets and sidewalks so you have a real idea how VeloStrap works in real life over the bumps!

.15 Corvette rolls by! Great sound!

.18 Bunny hopping a center street median and VeloStrap keeps everything secure! 

.34 curb and road bumps at speed, VeloStrap Works!!!


This is how easy it is to use your smartphone!


These videos give you a real view of how VeloStrap works in the real world. VeloStrap really works!