Our Story


Welcome to our website for VeloStrap! I'm Paul Dodenhoff, the knucklehead that came up with the idea for VeloStrap. 


When you spend as much time around bicycles and things with wheels like myself and some of us do it becomes glaringly clear when things really make a difference on rides.


A longer (or shorter) set of cranks, different tires, new grips, or that new bike with the suspension setup properly, all of the things we spend money on to help get the most out of our efforts.   



The idea for VeloStrap started several years ago while I was in a wheelchair recovering from a motorcycle accident. The issue at the time was my smartphone was impossible to keep from falling from anywhere it was placed. The thought of something quick and easy to hold the phone became a set of rubber bands that wrapped around the phone and under one of the handles on the wheelchair. My tinkering worked! As I started riding a bicycle again, it became obvious how well this idea would work there too. The quick and easy access with the rubber bands was undeniable!

                    VeloStrap being used by me and my oldest daughter in Park City, UT



With motivation from my wife and daughters, VeloStrap has become more than just an idea in my hollow head. We've taken it from simple 3D renderings to our latest tested design you can buy here. 

Thank you for your purchase,